Rima Kleiner, MS, RD, is a nationally-recognized food and nutrition expert.

Personalized Nutrition

I focus my nutrition coaching practice on services for people with food allergies and food sensitivities. Learn more. »

Rima Kleiner, MS, RD, provides nutrition comm

Nutrition Communications

My nutrition communication services include nutrition writing, food policy development, expert media commentary and workshops. Learn more.»

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Easy ways to cut the bad stuff from favorite food dishes. Fewer calories, lower fat—and still mighty tasty! See how. »

Rima Kleiner, MS, RD, LDN, CLT

Rima Kleiner, MS, RD, LDN, CLT

I am a nationally-recognized food and nutrition expert based in Greensboro, NC. I am passionate about food and health, and I help connect the two for individuals and national organizations.

Workshops & Keynote Speaking

Workshops, Keynote Speaking

I am fortunate to work with corporate clients who invite me to motivate employees and other groups on the benefits of healthy eating—and how to make healthy eating habits stick.

Food Sensitivities

Food Sensitivities

I use highly-accurate LEAP Mediator Release Testing and FODMAPs to create personalized nutrition programs for individuals who want to eat well without discomfort and pain.