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My Mediterranean Diet Month + #MindfulMondays

Hard to believe that May is over! My youngest is finishing her last week of Pre-K this week, and then I’ll no longer have a preschooler in my home. It’s wonderful and bittersweet, all at the same time.

And, now that May is over… it’s time to recap my Mediterranean Month. Life got a little crazy, and my public postings fell by the wayside. But, I still continued to follow a Mediterranean eating plan as much as possible every day in May. Here are a few places I fell short and a few take-aways I plan to take with me.

Where I fell short (and what I need to work on):

  • Did not eat vegetables at EVERY meal and snack. It’s easy for me to add spinach to my eggs, but on mornings that I didn’t eat eggs, I also didn’t eat a vegetable.
  • Did not eat enough yogurt. I love eating yogurt in place of sour cream and mayonnaise and on top of Mexican and Indian fare, but I just didn’t eat enough.
  • Ate too many sweets. I definitely had sweets on special occasions (like on my anniversary) but I found that it was difficult–at first–to give up my daily dark chocolate square (or two). I found that by the last week of May, however, I was not craving sweets after dinner. In fact, it wasn’t until this past weekend that I realized I had not been craving sweets all of last week!

What I’ll Keep Doing:

  • Snack on vegetables or fruit with a little protein and/or fat. Some of my favorites include: sliced mini bell peppers with feta or spreadable light Swiss cheese.
  • Focus on healthy fat from olive oil, olives, avocados, nuts/seeds and seafood instead of foods with saturated fats. I love mashing avocado on whole grain toast and topping with a sliced hard-boiled egg.
  • Using more herbs and spices to flavor food. I love herbs and spices, but sometimes I get lazy (and my food gets boring). I even planted some cilantro, peppermint, rosemary, parsley and basil (my favorite!) so that I can just walk onto my deck and grab a handful of fresh herbs to throw into my soups, beans, salmon burgers, veggies and even my water.

And, now coming in June… watch out for my #MindfulMondays tips to help you eat more mindfully this June. Eating mindfully can help you lose weight, alleviate stress, reduce chronic GI symptoms and blood pressure and lose or manage weight.

PLEASE SHARE: What new eating habits will you be trying this month? Please share. I’d love to hear from you!

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