52 Moms Talk Food: The Real Story

My kiddos enjoying milk with whole wheat pasta and kale.

Mealtimes: It takes a community
Getting dinner on the table can be hard. Getting a healthy dinner on the table can be an exercise in patience. And getting everyone excited about–and actually eating–that dinner can be… well, there are times when pulling out my teeth may be less painful.

As a registered dietitian, I know the textbook tips for how to get kids to eat their vegetables. As a mother of two young children (read: picky eaters), I sometimes find myself exasperated by the whole dinner ordeal… from finding and planning kid-friendly meals to spending energy and time preparing their favorite pasta dish, only to watch them take two bites before asking to leave the table (before I even sit down).

Part of my job is to help parents feed their families well. But, I learn a lot from my clients. And, from my friends, colleagues and others I meet. I’m inspired by all the tips and tricks we employ to get our kids eating.

The truth is… we are all just trying to get a nourishing meal on the table.

I am excited to launch my new blog series: 52 Moms Talk Foodwhere I will explore how moms like you and me feed our picky eaters. The series is my way of sharing inspirational ideas that I hear in my day-to-day conversations.

Each week, I’ll talk to a mom (dads welcome, too!) about tips and hints for feeding the family.

Check out mom No. 1, Becky in Atlanta.

Face wipes not included.