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I am passionate about nutrition and food, and I love to create easy, healthy recipes that families can enjoy together. I use this food and nutrition blog to share my creations, including new spins on beloved, old recipes, and options for people managing food allergy symptoms.

I also closely follow the latest nutrition guidelines, and I’m sometimes called on to comment at USDA and FDA meetings. So here you’ll find my perspectives on nutrition policy, too.

Easy, healthy recipes… No-nonsense tips… Dish about the latest nutrition guidelines…

That’s what this nutrition blog is all about. Let me know what grabs you!

AUGUST 2018 UPDATE: my latest blogs are on the Smart Mouth Nutrition site.

Shedding the Sodium

Last week, I attended a sodium summit (“Getting to 2,300”) in Washington, DC. A follow-up to the initial summit five years ago, this year’s summit was hosted by…

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Six easy tips for dining out well (and meeting the Dietary Guidelines)

The new 2010 Dietary Guidelines were unveiled earlier this week. Basically, we Americans eat too much and move too little. And, on top of that, we eat too much processed (think: peeling open a foil package) and too little whole (think: peeling an orange) foods. So while there

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Grilled Salmon Salad

As posted at on January 17, 2013 This is my favorite salad. It is, in my opinion, salad perfected. My husband is not a “salad person.” He likes veggies, but his initial reaction to my “Salad for dinner tonight?” question is “No.” However, he loves this

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Hiding veggies doesn’t make them less nutritious

Recently, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study about the health benefits of hiding veggies. The verdict? Adding pureed veggies to dishes helped reduce calories consumed and increase nutrient intake. For those (adults and children) who don’t like veggies, this seems like a win-win, right?

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Chat with an Inspiring RD: Toast to heart health

Wine gets all the love in conversations about the nutritional benefits of adult beverages. And make no mistake, I enjoy a juicy glass of cab. But sometimes a cold brew better suits my mood—a preference I apparently share with Hermosa Beach, CA registered dietitian, Andrea Giancoli, MPH, RD.

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Chat with an Inspiring RD: Hope Warshaw

A chat with inspiring RD, Hope Warshaw, about her favorite tips for making healthy eating out easy.

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Celebrating food

Happy National Nutrition Month®! March is National Nutrition Month®, designated by the American Dietetic Association to celebrate food and living an active, healthy life. Sure, most Americans don’t need a month dedicated to celebrating food… we love and talk about food year round! But, National Nutrition Month® makes

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My kid won’t eat veggies!

As a working mom of a toddler, the topic on my mind this week is HOW DO I GET MY KID TO EAT VEGGIES?! When my son started eating solids around 5-1/2 months, I remember “mommy group” mommies boasting about their gourmand infants’ eating habits (e.g., “My

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Fiber does more than keep you regular

Fiber does more than keep us regular. It also helps to lower cholesterol, keep us satiated and promote weight loss.

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The Halloween debate: trick and no treat?

Okay, now that I’m finally [somewhat] settled in the metro DC area, it’s time to start blogging again. And, what better time to start back a nutrition blog than the week before Halloween? I recently read two fellow dietitians’ blogs debating the big Halloween question… What is

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