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I am passionate about nutrition and food, and I love to create easy, healthy recipes that families can enjoy together. I use this food and nutrition blog to share my creations, including new spins on beloved, old recipes, and options for people managing food allergy symptoms.

I also closely follow the latest nutrition guidelines, and I’m sometimes called on to comment at USDA and FDA meetings. So here you’ll find my perspectives on nutrition policy, too.

Easy, healthy recipes… No-nonsense tips… Dish about the latest nutrition guidelines…

That’s what this nutrition blog is all about. Let me know what grabs you!

AUGUST 2018 UPDATE: my latest blogs are on the Smart Mouth Nutrition site.

Denver to DC: Healthy hotel breakfasts

Denver to DC: One RD’s quest to find good food on the road Day 6: Ann Arbor, MI to Hagerstown, MI After a week on the road, we’re almost home (our new home, that is). No Americana today, just a lot of beautiful fall foliage and some

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Denver to DC: Fast food

Denver to DC: One RD’s quest to find good food on the road Day 5: Milwaukee, WI to Ann Arbor, MI Today we saw the first McDonald’s restaurant… arguably the forefather of today’s fast food. While you can’t buy any Big Macs in the original building–which now

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Denver to DC: Jolly Green Giant and Corn Palace

Denver to DC: One RD’s quest to find good food on the road Day 3: Murdo, SD to Rochester, MN Not a successful “good food” day. Let’s just say “hotel breakfast” deserves its own blog entry, while even good intentions at dinner (salad, soup) can be derailed

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Denver to DC: Chocolate-covered bacon

Denver to DC: One RD’s quest to find good food on the road Day 2: Hot Springs, SD to Murdo, SD Overheard today: “Dad, do you want chocolate-covered bacon?” Seriously. My husband overheard a teenager ask his dad this today at Custer State Park in SD. According

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Denver to DC: The journey begins

Denver to DC: One RD’s quest to find good food on the road Day 1: Denver, CO to Hot Springs, SD Piled into the SUV, we hit the wide open road today (four hours later than planned). And by “we” I mean dad (in search of quirky

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Denver to DC: One RD’s quest to find good food on the road

Ever wonder what a dietitian really eats when traveling? And, just how feasible is it to find healthy, fresh and tasty food while on the road? Join me in my quest to find nutritious, fresh food (that tastes good!) on the road. Starting tomorrow (9/24), my family

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Top 10 Energy-boosting Foods

Has the summer heat got you beat? Feeling fatigued by noon? There are a lot of energy-boosting products on the market, from energy bars and drinks to supplements. And, some of these products do provide a burst of energy and some may even fit into a healthy

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Five tips to hook your kids on superfoods

This morning, I appeared on Denver’s Channel 2 KWGN’s “Daybreak” show. The segment? Superfoods for Kids. We dished about nutrients kids don’t typically get enough of (like calcium, potassium and fiber) and sneaking kale and beans into your kid’s diet. What is a “superfood”? Wikipedia defines it

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Organic vs. conventional? The debate continues

Is organic worth the extra money? Does it really matter whether you buy organic or conventional produce? Last week, Reuters‘s No evidence organic foods benefit health: study highlighted recent findings (published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition) that organic fruits and veggies offer no nutritional benefits over

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Feeding Frenzy: ABC’s Primetime touches the taboo

I love it. ABC’s Primetime What Would You Do? (aired 5/14) touched the taboo… breastfeeding in public. For those who didn’t see the show, a cafe manager (actor) berates a woman (actress) for breasfeeding in his cafe. Customers (NOT actors) vocally defend the breastfeeding moms. It was

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