Denver to DC: Chocolate-covered bacon

Denver to DC: One RD’s quest to find good food on the road

Day 2: Hot Springs, SD to Murdo, SD

Overheard today: “Dad, do you want chocolate-covered bacon?” Seriously. My husband overheard a teenager ask his dad this today at Custer State Park in SD.

According to, one slice of chocolate-covered bacon contains about 220 calories and 15 grams of fat. In one thin slice… wow.

How did we stumble upon this heart-attack-waiting-to-happen culinary disaster, you ask? After driving through the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota–where burros nose their heads into cars–we stopped for a walk in dog-friendly Custer State Park. Apparently, (1) there are a lot of buffalo in the park. (2) Buffalo don’t like barking dogs. And, (3) our dog is a barker. So, we headed to the Park’s Buffalo Round-up & Arts Festival instead.

No chocolate bacon popsicle for me, though I did indulge in the local buffalo burgers. Fresh and tasty. Calories in a buffalo burger (appx. 5 oz.): 200 calories and 4 grams of fat. Plus, the nutrients in the buffalo burger (like protein, iron and vitamin B-12) well outweigh the nutritional benefits of chocolate-covered bacon, which is rich in fat but not much else. The only thing that would have made the burger better was a whole grain bun.

Tomorrow… a day of driving and a visit with the Jolly Green Giant.

p.s. Anyone ever tried a chocolate-covered bacon?