Debunking Sugar Myths + Review of Mediterranean Diet, Week 1

SUGAR. Lately, I’ve seen the word “sugar” coupled with the following words: toxic, evil, addictive, disease-causing, obesity-causing, hormone disrupter. The list could go on. Simply put, this sweet 5-letter word has become vilified. Many clients I see have an intense love-hate relationship with sugar… they love it—crave it—yet they simultaneously avoid it. Completely.

Yes, too much added sugar is not good for our bodies. But, there are so many myths surrounding sugar (and other foods!). It’s important to sort the facts from f iction—such as, there are different types of sugar and that no one food causes obesity. And, this is one reason why I love this article “5 Myths About Quitting Sugar, Debunked” that I was quoted in. Read this article before you break up with sugar.

Sugar and the Mediterranean Diet

If you’ve been following me, you know that I committed to eating a Mediterranean-style eating pattern for the entire month of May. (It’s Mediterranean Month.) And, yes, talking about sugar fits in perfectly with a Mediterranean-influenced diet. It also hits home for me. Here’s how…

Sweet treats are considered “occasional” fare on a Mediterranean eating pattern. Foods with added sugars are eaten rarely, and certainly not every day. And after ONE WEEK of attempting to eat only Mediterranean-style, I can honestly say this has been the most difficult facet. I enjoy a nightly sweet, a post-dinner nightcap of dark chocolate or some other (perhaps not as nutritious) “sweetie goodie” (as my father-in-law says).

Even though I didn’t eat traditional Mediterranean foods every meal last week, I tried to incorporate the Mediterranean diet “Commandments.” Here are a few ways I did that:

Overall, I did pretty good but there is definitely room for improvement! I ate veggies and/or fruit at almost meals and snacks and ate 3 servings of seafood and legumes. This weekend was a bit hectic with both kids playing soccer games on Saturday and Sunday, a friend’s birthday dinner and a kid’s birthday party. I definitely indulged in too many sweets. Hmmm, think that’s a good place to start this week!

PLEASE SHARE: Are you going Mediterranean this month, too? How are you doing? Need some tips or recipes? Please share. I’d love to hear from you!