Featured Expert

As a registered dietitian and nutrition expert, I often get calls from media outlets to talk about healthy eating and the latest nutrition science.

I’m on TV and radio, and in magazines and blogs.

Some favorite media appearances include:


Try These Snack Swaps to Avoid Gaining Those Holiday Pounds

WTVR, Richmond CBS 6, “Virginia This Morning”12/16/2015


Fitness Friday: Holiday Eating Tips 

WFMY, Greensboro News 2, “The Good Morning Show”12/11/2015


8 Tips for Allergy-Free Holidays

KidsEatRight.com, Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics 11/23/2015


Five Foods to Boost Your Immune System

WFMY, Greensboro News 2, “The Good Morning Show”11/12/2015


 7 Ways to Make Halloween Safer for Kids with Food Allergies

KidsEatRight.com, Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics 10/21/2015


 5 Ways Parents Can Keep Food-Allergic Children Safe at School

KidsEatRight.com, Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics 9/28/2015


Learn Simple Ways to Incorporate These Five Foods to Eat Everyday

WTVR, Richmond CBS 6, “Virginia This Morning” – 7/30/2015


10 Best Foods for Women Looking to Get Lean and Toned



Keep Your Summer Meals Delicious and Nutritious with These Recipes

WTVR, Richmond CBS 6, “Virginia This Morning”4/21/2015


5 Pastries and Coffee Drinks to Avoid

Washingtonian.com Well+Being Blog4/2/2015


Get Healthy: 5 Foods You Need to Eat

WFMY, Greensboro News 2, “The Good Morning Show” 3/25/2015


Eating Heart-Healthy with Nutritionist Rima Kleiner



5 Foods That Reduce PMS Symptoms (And 3 That Make Them Worse)



5 Ways with Apples

WGHP, Greensboro Fox 8 10/28/2014


Rima Kleiner Shares Healthy Picnic Recipes

WGHP, Greensboro Fox 8 6/30/2014


Slim Down Your Dips: Tasty Dips for Memorial Day Weekend

WGHP, Greensboro Fox 8 5/23/2014