Holiday snack attack solutions + WFMY “Good Morning” Show

Yesterday I dished about easy and portable healthy holiday snacks on WFMY with Lauren Melvin.


Snacking gets a bad rap. Actually, snacking can be a great way to get more nutritious foods in your diet. But, first you have to choose those nutrient-rich foods.

Think about this… If you grab a drink and a snack from the vending machine, you may be downing about 400+ calories and 15 grams of sugar. That’s more than any of us need in a nosh. However, you don’t want to go more than 4-5 hours without re-fueling. The solution? Pack some of these portable + tasty snacks when you have a day of marathon day of holiday shopping or traveling.

Portable + Tasty Snacks
Pair heart-healthy protein with a fiber-rich carbohydrate to boost the nutrient punch in these snacks.

  • Mini bell peppers + herbed cheese wedge — Pack some mini bell peppers in a bag with a cheese wedge that doesn’t need refrigeration until it’s open. Then, stuff the peppers with cheese or give ’em a cheese schmear.
  • Small tuna can + whole grain crackers — Reach for a flavored tuna pouch or a can of tuna that doesn’t require a can opener and pair with your favorite whole grain crackers for an omega-3 rich snack.
  • Mandarin oranges + nuts/seeds
  • Lightly salted packaged popcorn + nuts/seeds
  • Choco-Oat Cookie Dough Energy Balls — These energy balls are super simple to whip together, require no baking, stay good for up to a week and are easy to throw together into a baggie for toting around.


PLEASE SHARE: What are your favorite portable snacks when running around this holiday season? Please share. I’d love to hear from you!