My Food Fix: Skim Latte

Weekday lunch at the Iron Hen Cafe. After staring at the hand-written coffee and tea menu throughout lunch, there was no way I was leaving this cozy and tasty farm-to-table cafe without ordering a to-go latte.

Skim latte_01 2013
While I have my standard soy or skim milk request down pat at the usual coffee stops, I completely forgot (in my post-lunch satiated state) to ask about the milk. Sure enough, whole milk is their default.

The server kindly offered to make me another drink with skim milk. I have to admit… I briefly thought about declining her offer, about not being THAT customer. And then, I thought about indulging in the same afternoon drink without the extraneous calories or fat. So much more appealing, I took her up on the offer to re-make the latte using skim milk. And, it was delicious… without the extra calories and fat.

My Food Fix: Skim Latte
What I saved by swapping whole milk for skim milk: More than 70 calories, 8 g of total fat (5 g saturated fat), 30 mg cholesterol without sacrificing protein (8 g in whole and skim milk)