My Food Fix: Toddler Birthday Nosh

My daughter just turned 2. And, I love throwing parties. Perhaps more accurately, I love creating a menu and preparing the food for a party.

Normally, you can get away with serving little food at a kid’s birthday party IF you have the party at non-meal times. Due to t-ball games and family schedules, 12:00 PM it was. So, a (pre-nap) lunch was certainly in order. But, what to feed a bunch of toddlers and their parents?

Cupcakes, of course. (She requested vanilla.) And since my daughter has a tree nut allergy, we needed nut-free food. While PBJs or easy delivery pizza were first my knee-jerk thoughts, the fare had to be semi-nutritious… I am a dietitian, after all.

cupcake_03 2014_final2

The final menu? Egg salad, tuna salad and sunflower jelly sandwiches on whole wheat and pumpernickel breads cut with elephant, butterfly and flower cookie cutters. Fruit salad with nonfat plain yogurt mixed with honey and cinnamon. Vegetable platter (store-bought) with nonfat Greek yogurt mixed with herbs. And, butterfly-shaped crackers and pretzels with hummus and cheese.

Judging from the quiet while the kids (and parents!) noshed away, the food spread was a hit. And, preparing the sandwiches, fruit salad and yogurt was way more fun and memorable than calling for pizza delivery. Plus, it was a good excuse to buy some inexpensive but colorful outdoor serving dishes.

PLEASE SHARE: What are your favorite nutritious kid party foods? I’d love to hear from you!