When fashion and food meet {Recipe ReDux sponsor challenge}

I am just going to say this… I really don’t like shopping. For clothes for me, that is. For food and shoes? Love it. For clothes for the kids? Yes, please. But, for clothes for me? Not so much.


Who knows… Maybe if I had an unlimited clothing budget, or maybe even just unlimited time. But, I have neither (sigh).

When the online personal styling service Stitch Fix offered Recipe ReDux members an opportunity to join their “Stitch Fix Influencer Program,” I first thought… What do food and fashion have in common?

Then, I realized my shirts and blouses for media segments were starting to become repeats. I was bored with my wardrobe. And, I had been curious about Stitch Fix. So, I decided to give the service a try, and let someone else–someone who is more interested and knowledgeable about fashion–dress me for the nutrition media segments, photo shoots and keynote presentations that I do. Can you say… AWESOME?!


Disclaimer: “I received a credit to try Stitch Fix as a result of this promotion. By posting this review I am entering a contest sponsored by Stitch Fix and am eligible to win a prize. I was not compensated for my time. This post contains affiliate links.”

Once I received my box of Stitch Fix goodies, I was eager to dive in. (I have to admit… While I am still learning how to style food for still shots, I was totally clueless trying to figure out how to style clothes for a shot.)


The box contained two jewel-toned sleeves blouses, along with a knit black top (perfect for impending Fall days), a striped knit pencil skirt and a bauble necklace. I had mentioned in my profile that I would like jewel-toned shirts (they work perfectly for media segments), skirts (because I can never seem to find skirts or dresses) and necklaces (because I have worn and re-worn my limited supply of work necklaces). So, Stitch Fix followed through with my requests.


In the end, I decided to keep the purple patterned top and the black Jersey top (pics below) because I knew I would wear these items a LOT. The blue top and the pencil skirt were cute, but not  a fit I thought would wear often. And, the bauble necklace was just a little too big for my taste.

Black top_two_edited

I can’t wait to get my next shipment of clothing goodies to wear for upcoming media events and presentations!

  1. Whoot! So glad your first Stitch Fix experience was a success and it’s such a great service for getting outfits for media segments!

  2. Thanks for participating! That fall top is awesome. And yup, I’ll be ordering for presentations too!